Saturday, August 2, 2008

DIG! Video + Dance Party #3

Alright! Alright! Another DIG! in the books! So take out your hair extensions.. and wash those superfriends under-roos.. aquaman, wonderwomen, robin, even gleek.. because we endorse second-rate superheroes.. Yeah I'm talkin' bout you. We saw your dance skills - we took photos and called your mom. She moves her hips much more smoovley than you! We had a nice chill summer-time crowd. steady and heady. This time we had a sweet patio out back with a bar... with lots of sassy bartenders to get you saucy! Our party started the same cool time - 9p to 2a - with the same cool music: electro / rock / funk / disco. And even more bitchin' CEILING-TO-FLOOR video projections. Check out the snaps & video below.. And don't forget the link to the extra snaps.. Hope to see you and your booty at the next DIG! - Saturday September 6th - that’s labor day weekend, so put your sleeping bags built for two, and finish-up your wienie roasts early.

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