Saturday, June 7, 2008

DIG! Video + Dance Party #1

Hey Bootyshakers! It's finally here! The first DIG! Video + Dance Party! We had enough MUSIC and VIDEO to fill up your bellbottoms.. you gotta make sure you wear your stretch pants. Thanks to all for making our first such a great success...!! Hosted by Nick at The High Five Bar and promoted by Jacob of Motion Productions; Digdug, Ivan, RoeVy (Nate & Sean), Urge2, and I had been planning this monthly dance party for a long time. Born out of a record club, a music-movie night, and other dance parties, we decided this town needed an event that was more than just music that shakes your ass - although that's a good start! We wanted to make this an experience unlike any other night. A throw back to the decadent parties and discos in the 70s. Huge video projections, smoke machines, lights, and sweet wardrobes! We bombarded 2 giant floor-to-ceiling video screens - stretching 60 feet across 2 walls with 4 video projectors... custom motion graphics, 60s music videos, and pop footage all mashed-up to overload your senses! Check out the fotos below... and check out this party next month, Saturday July 5th!